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I established my hair extensions business in 2010, since then it has developed into a passion. I am studious and a perfectionist with an eagerness to listen to what the client wants rather than what I think the client needs.

My journey started started in 2010, I was looking for a change and hair extensions was that glamorous transformation I was looking for. I didn’t know much about hair extensions and I thought that, in essence, they were all the same; how wrong I was! I was so excited….I just wanted them in that same day, but had to anxiously wait a couple of days. I contacted a salon and asked the technician to come to my home as I didn’t feel comfortable in the salon enviroment. I have since discovered the majority of women feel the same. I wasn’t offered a consultation or advice, neither was I given aftercare information/advice. After my training qualification and experience I now realise a category of errors were made by the technician that fitted my hair extensions, and that overall it was a poor service.

I started my training later that same year. I knew I could offer clients a much better service. As a result, over the past 6¬† years, I have built an extensive client base of wonderful people.I have developed friendships with some and they trust me with their pride and joy (their hair). Because lets face it ladies, no matter how we feel in our clothes, or how we look in our dresses, if the hair’s not right…nothing else is! Hair is confidence, it is glamour, it is the frame for our face, it is the frame for our body. There is so much I have learnt from talking to my clients about how they feel about themselves on a daily basis that I know most of you can relate to this, it’s always the same, they spend most of the time trying to get their hair right.

The compliments I have received since I began this have been overwhelming. I have even had a clients husband propose that I move to Sydney with them as he loves her hair so much, in his words, “it is more what it has done for her than how it makes her look, she is a different person” Can you imagine the feeling of elation and pride that gives me! My customer service is second to none. All of this is because my work truly is my passion.

I offer a professional mobile service. This consists of a relaxed consultation, followed by a fitting should the client wish to go ahead. There is no hard sell, no pressure, no obligation. During the fitting no one would ever be made to feel uncomfortable with me as it is all part of the bigger picture in my ensuring my clients not only look good, but feel good too. It may all sound clich√© but it is something I pride myself on, and there is no other way of saying it other than ‘saying it like it is’.


Mobile Service

Experience a professional fitting within the comfort of your own home.


You're in 'Safe Hands'

I am professional, qualified, experienced & well-established. I not only fit Hair Extensions, I specialise in Hair Extensions!



Everyone is different, therefore, I work with my clients rather than for them, in order to achieve a bespoke result.

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